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All About National Urban Livelihoods Mission (DAY-NULM)

The Deen Dayal Antyodaya Yojana – National Urban Livelihood Mission (DAY-NULM) is a scheme under the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs. Launched by the Government of India on September 24th, 2013 to improve the socio-economic conditions of the urban poor.

The mission aims to address the challenges of urban poverty, inadequate access to income-generating opportunities, and inadequate social security.

DAY-NULM has a holistic approach to urban poverty alleviation, focusing on skill development, credit facilitation, shelter support, and social security.

It covers all statutory towns and cities in India, with a special focus on urban poor clusters.

DAY-NULM has made a significant impact on the lives of millions of urban poor. The mission has helped them to improve their livelihoods, become more self-reliant, and live a better life. According to a study by the World Bank, DAY-NULM has been successful in reducing poverty among the urban poor in India.

The study found that the mission has helped to reduce the poverty rate among the urban poor by 10% between 2013 and 2018. DAY-NULM comprises key components such as the Social Mobilization and Institution Development (SM&ID), Employment through Skills Training and Placement (EST&P), Capacity Building and Training (CB&T), and Self-Employment Program (SEP).

These components work together to address various aspects of urban poverty and unemployment. The DAY-NULM mission is focused on developing and promoting self-employment opportunities for the urban poor. This includes providing financial assistance, training, and market linkages to aspiring entrepreneurs.

DAY-NULM also aims to provide the urban poor with access to financial services, including savings accounts, credit facilities, and insurance schemes.

The DAY-NULM mission focuses on providing social security support to urban poor households, including access to benefits such as pensions, health insurance, and widow pensions.

The mission also addresses the livelihood concerns of the urban street vendors by facilitating access to suitable spaces, institutional credit, social security, and skills to the urban street vendors for accessing emerging market opportunities.

The DAY-NULM mission also considers other vulnerable groups, such as migrant laborers, street vendors, and slum dwellers, for targeted support. Economic development and urbanization are closely related to each other.

As such cities are now the rising economic growth for the country as it contributes more than 60% of the total GDP. As per the 2011 Census of India, the urban population is now 377 million, a remarkable 31% increase compared to 2001.

The mission is required to address these challenges and uplift the urban poor.

Despite its success, DAY-NULM also faces some challenges. One challenge is the large number of urban poor in India. There are over 100 million urban poor in India, and it is not possible to reach all of them with the mission’s programs. Another challenge is the lack of awareness about DAY-NULM among the urban poor.

Many urban poor are not aware of the mission’s programs and how they can benefit from them. Despite these challenges, DAY-NULM is a valuable program that is making a positive impact on the lives of millions of urban poor.

The mission is helping to reduce poverty, improve livelihoods, and build a more inclusive India.


As we all know, the National Urban Livelihoods Mission (DAY-NULM) stands as a beacon for urban empowerment, fostering financial inclusion and skill development. With a strategic embrace of digital avenues, it aligns seamlessly with the vision of a digitally inclusive and economically empowered urban India.

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